About me

I’m very motivated CG Artist with 15 years in traditional and digital media. Equipped with an excellent work ethic and capacity to effectively manage creative projects for high profile clients.

I’m responsible for managing a team of artists, devising the commercial visual style and directing the production of all visual material throughout development as well as creating exemplary art in regards to character design, color theory, layout, shape language and animation.

Excellent time management and communication skills, problem solver, fast learner, organized, receptive to critiques, ability to adapt to and develop new techniques.

My story

I would make a great fit for this great opportunity, and have included my resume so that you might see why.

I have a B.A. in Art Design from Ataturk University in Turkey and over 8 years working in Animation for Imaj post production in Turkey. Then I have moved to Pixomondo production in Los Angeles  for 5 years My job at Imaj and Pixomondo production, is to create, design, and optimize all animation concepts and stories for use on the production I would like to bring my  creativity, and quality work to a company I have long wished to work for your company. I am a team player, have a great attitude, and wonderful interpersonal skills. I would make an exceptional choice for your company.


Thank you for your interest today. I can be reached at onderyetiskin@gmail.com  as soon as possible to schedule an interview. Until that time, I thank you warmly for this time and your attention.